Appendix Q. Copyright

The Advanced Bash Scripting Guide is copyright © 2000, by Mendel Cooper. [1] The author also asserts copyright on all previous versions of this document. [2]

This blanket copyright recognizes and protects the rights of all contributors to this document.

This document may only be distributed subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License (version 1.0 or later), The following license options also apply.

   1 A.  Distribution of substantively modified versions of this document
   2     is permitted only under the following provisions.
   4 A1. The modified document must clearly indicate that it is derivative
   5     of the original Advanced Bash Scripting Guide, and the original
   6     author, Mendel Cooper, must be listed as the primary author.
   8 A2. The modified or derivative document must clearly indicate which portions
   9     of the text differ or deviate from the original document. A notice must
  10     be present, stating that the original author does not necessarily
  11     endorse the changes to the original.
  13 A3. The modified or derivative document must be distributed under this
  14     same license, and the original author's copyright, as applicable,
  15     may not be modified.
  18 B.  This document, or any modified or derivative version thereof, may
  19     NOT be distributed encrypted or with any form of DRM (Digital Rights
  20     Management) or content-control mechanism embedded in it. Nor may this
  21     document or any derivative thereof be bundled with other DRM-ed works.
  23 C.  If this document (or any previous version or derivative thereof)
  24     is made available on a Web or ftp site, then the file(s) must be
  25     publicly accessible. No password or other access restrictions to
  26     its download may be imposed.
  28 D.  Distribution of the original work in any standard (paper) book form
  29     requires permission from the copyright holder.
  31 E.  In the event that the author or maintainer of this document cannot
  32     be contacted, the Linux Documentation Project is authorized to
  33     take over custodianship of the document and name a new maintainer,
  34     who would then have the right to update and modify the document.

Without explicit written permission from the author, distributors and publishers (including on-line publishers) are prohibited from imposing any additional conditions, strictures, or provisions on this document, any previous versions, or any derivative versions. As of this update, the author asserts that he has not entered into any contractual obligations that would alter the foregoing declarations.

Essentially, you may freely distribute this book or any derivative thereof in electronic form.

If you display or distribute this document, any previous versions thereof, or any derivatives thereof under any license except the one above, then you are required to obtain the author's written permission. Failure to do so may terminate your distribution rights.

Additionally, the following waiver applies:

   1 By copying or distributing this book you WAIVE THE RIGHT
   2 to use the materials within, or any portion thereof, in a patent or copyright
   3 lawsuit against the Open Source community, its developers, its
   4 distributors, or against any of its associated software or documentation
   5 including, but not limited to, the Linux kernel, Open Office, Samba,
   6 and Wine. You further WAIVE THE RIGHT to use any of the materials within
   7 this book in testimony or depositions as a plaintiff's "expert witness" in
   8 any lawsuit against the Open Source community, any of its developers, its
   9 distributors, or any of its associated software or documentation.

These are very liberal terms, and they should not hinder any legitimate distribution or use of this book. The author especially encourages its use for classroom and instructional purposes.


Certain of the scripts contained in this document are, where noted, in the Public Domain. These scripts are exempt from the foregoing license and copyright restrictions.

The commercial print and other rights to this book are available. Please contact the author if interested.

The author produced this book in a manner consistent with the spirit of the LDP Manifesto.

Hyun Jin Cha has done a Korean translation of version 1.0.11 of this book. Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Indonesian, and Dutch translations are also available or in progress. If you wish to translate this document into another language, please feel free to do so, subject to the terms stated above. The author wishes to be notified of such efforts.



The ISBN of the print edition of this book is 978-1-4357-5219-1.


The author intends that this book be released into the Public Domain after a period of 14 years from initial publication, that is, in 2014. In the early years of the American republic this was the duration statutorily granted to a copyrighted work.

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